Stealing Balloons With Their Hands

Balls and balloons: history, species, forms, facts
оформление воздушными
Осьминог из воздушных шаров

1. Air ball: general concept

The balloon is a toy, loved by people of all ages. It is used to process activities and has a wonderful ability to create a great mood and a pleasant atmosphere in any room. Traditionally, balloons have a little lengthy shape. They're usually made of latex, blowing air or helium.Шары в баре Because the gas is easier than air, the toy acquires the ability to float over the ground.

2. First balloons, invention history and balloons

!Оформление шарами автомобиля You can easily meet them at any party, see them in the city, at the opening of a new store, see them in a multfill, but what's their story and what's the first air balloon?

A lot of people, looking at modern balloons, think that this happy eye toy showed up relatively recently. Some people who are more informed are confident that balloons began to be produced in the middle of the 20th century, during the technical revolution.

That's not true! The balloons' history takes its start much earlier. Only the balloons produced at that time differed significantly from those that are now being sold.

The first references to balloons were contained in carel manuscripts. They described their creation, so the balloons were made mostly of bulls and whales. In the summers of the same 12-century, it is stated that in carel settlements, the air ball could be found in virtually every family. However, using such balls, the cartels partially solved the problems of roadsides, the balls were used to overcome the distances between villages. But it was very dangerous to travel this way: an animal skin shell could not have been under air pressure for a long time, so the air ball could have exploded at any time. In the end, there are only a lot of legends left to believe whether or not...

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