Paper Balloons With Their Hands

Birthday is the best time to fulfill desires
Новогодние игрушки своими

The time when a person gets older for a year is truly magical, not only by opening a door to the future, but also by creating an invisible portal for communication with the universe.

Having rituals on your birthday means having a unique opportunity to translate into reality the most profound dreams.

To spend the day with maximum benefit

Even those who do not read their birthday very well and do not like to celebrate it in a noise company, the experts recommend that the " magical " chance be ignored. From the morning to the late night, the birthday party has time to perform any rituals and magical rites on its birthday, and to bring good luck for the next year. For example, with your hands. Prepare a powerful amulet that will continue to protect against evil eyes and words, " prove " the right decisions in difficult situations, bring happiness and love into the house.

The ritual will require the following attributes:

  • Fresh picture of the birthday party (wish it was made exactly one week before the commemorative date)
  • Dry clover or oak
  • Three atlas ribs (white, green and red)
  • 12 candles

The ribbons symbolize that the birthday party hopes to receive a gift from the universe: red - love and loyalty, white - health, green - luck in all endeavours.

The bruises are in circles, followed by a ritual with the ribbons, namely, to put them together at 12 strong knots. Every time you pull the knot, you have to say the name of the month out loud. When the last knot is tied, the ribbons need to be put in circles, top of the picture and dry stick.

Then we need to light the candles by clockwise and speak the text of a strong spell (hereafter as many years old). "Good star of luck, health and love, be with me forever! Lead my way with your shin! Don't leave me in the dark and keep me out of trouble! I curse you with the power of the universe!

After the ritual on a day or more, the night of birth, all the attributes need to be carefully assembled, turned into a clean white tissue and hide in a safe place, away from the outside eye.

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