Figur Of Balloons With Their Hands

Air balloons are always a holiday
из шаров своими руками

Воздушные шарики – это всегда праздникContents:

It's a long balloon with its hands. It's a double party. And the holiday is fun, smiles, minutes of happiness that often lack.

So you're suggesting a tvisting. It's a fun holiday art for children and their parents, as well as their grandparents.

Twisting- Modelling arts balloons- Designers (they're still called sausages or SDMs - simulation balls).

Twisting is now very popular in the West and America. You can create different pieces. In the English-speaking world, thousands of books and films are sold, and numerous shows and competitions about this creative activity are organized. Twisting is the only kind of art where a man learns to work with air. The air inhabited by the natural latex (soot of wood) takes a variety of forms. In Russia, Twisting is just beginning to find out. And it's fun to develop the creativity of children and adults, and it's going to be used on any holiday: to set up a room, make decorations and costumes, original gifts from luxury bouquets to fun. Toys., to run competitions and rides, all of which can be tvising.

Design balloons can be

  • To create beautiful composions,
  • popular heroes from the Multhylms,
  • animal figures,
  • flowers
  • red head cleaning,
  • Carnival suits,
  • Game and ride.

Design balloons are developing

  • A small hand motor,
  • coordination of movements
  • creative thinking,
  • spatial imagination
  • memory.

- What's necessary for a tvisting?

- Modelling sharks, a pump with a narrow throat to suffocate balloons and... former tweather tips.

First, read the secrets of the Twisting:

  1. How do you stroke a balloon so he doesn't burst when he's engaged?
  • Influencing the ball to the required length, release a little air from it, it's thrown over the balloon pressure and it's easier to tie.
  • How do you start twisting the figure?
  • It's always from the necklace of a balloon so that the air on every scrub moves to the tail where there's a free place, so the ball doesn't burst.
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