Dead Freeze From Balloons With His Hands

Deed Morosis with his hands - paper, glass, plastic bottles, drip and other handwritten materials
Дед Мороз тело из шариков

Photogallery: De Moroz with his hands, paper, glass, plastic bottles, drip and other handwriting materials. How to sew the suit and the beard of Deed Moroz:

They say the most unexpected miracles happen in the new year: Des Moroz comes into every house, fulfils the cherished dreams of all family members, makes them truly happy and happy. Adults meet their love, enjoy family warmth, receive precious gifts. Every man's dreams are different, so it's hard to please. Whether it's a child's business, New Year is of particular importance to them. Kids with thrill are expecting miracles, sweet treats, surprises from the most welcome guest. Boys and girls cut their snowflies out of paper, write verbal letters with requests from the Chief Magic, dress up an egg tree. Let us help our children prepare for the celebration, fill them with hope for unlimited happiness and joy. Let's start with the construction of bright new yearly decorations, toys and suits at home from plastic bottles, drip, glasses and other handwritten materials. Details on how to make the Ded Moroz deals, with our hands, we'll look further at the detailed workshops with photos and videos.

Magic de Moros from tissue, hood bulbs or fetrate with your hands.: Photo master class

Do you want to invite a favorite person from a child's fairy tale to your house? Make Deda Morose with your hands from the hood bragot, tissue or fetrate. May a magician with a red nose and a white beard give you joy and great spirit throughout the winter holidays. If that grandpa's construction is going to be too long and a little boring, you'll be attracted to the creative process of all family members. More fun together! As you know, maybe you'll soon have a real home-grown talisman doing all your wishes.

The necessary materials for a master class, how to sew Deda into his hands.

  • Colour cotton cloth for clothing
  • red and white flies
  • Fetr
  • Synthepan or Hallofaiber
  • Pool
  • Rough cotton tissue for the face
  • vaal and wool needles
  • Buttons and buttons
  • Mould filaments
  • fat wire
  • thin wire
  • Hard card
  • Office knife
  • glue gun
  • flat lips
  • acrylic paints and bruises
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