Air Balls With Their Hands

How to make balloons
Фигуры из воздушных шаров_5

You will.

  • - a long bulb ball;
  • - air ball pump.
If you can't find a balloon pump, you can use your own lungs. Choose the air balloon, consider that they have several species:
• Latex is one of the most common and budgetary options, their surface may be gland, mat, silver or golden blade;
:: Milan or folgated balls hold air or helium, up to 3 weeks, more solid and durable balls;
:: Plastic balls are made of special hyper-alergenic material and are most commonly used by designers to process premises.

If you're going to make a flower or animal figure from the air balloon, you'll be able to use the usual latex balls. The figur that can be made out of balloons is huge.

Color from balloons

Take a green balloon and blow it up, leave it at the end of 5 cm in the air. Smash the ball in the middle of the eight. The eight must be cross-sections. So you'll get leaflets on the stalk of a future flower. The rest of the unfinished tail will be squeezed so he can be twisted.

Take the other color ball, like yellow, put on another sausage. Put the edges of the ball so you can get the ring. Smash it in half (two rings) every new ring that has been received, squeeze it in half again. The quarters that have been received will be the petals of your flower. We've got to put these petals on an earlier stalk, join them in a twisted piece on a green ball. The flower is ready. You can even steal the house for the party.

Air ball bearing

To make a bear figure, you're gonna need a long ball of desirable brown or other dark color. Put it on, but not for the rest, you have to leave 10 to 12 cm empty. Tie the ball. Start twisting it. All the drilling needs to be done on the same side as possible, otherwise the figure can't keep the shape well. First, we need to re-circulate the morticulture by creating a nose, two big cheeks and two little ears, backs.

Difficultly new details, stick your hand with your hands so they don't move and scatter. Prepare your head, collect all the ready elements in the ring, keep all parts of your head. To make ears look like real, carefully cross each of them with your fingers in the same direction you chose.

Keep the bear down, retrieve the ball just below your ready head. Start building the body. Squeeze the balloon, turn it into two top paws, they'll have more details, and two lower paws, smaller. Turn the ball at the bottom of the bear's neck. From the rest of the balloon, put your back and your belly on the bear. If the unused parts remain, put them inside. You can add a charf bear, so you can put a thin ball of sausage of any contrasting color and wrap around your neck. Pigura's ready.

A balloon dog
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