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Ideas to steal a banquet room for a wedding
Колонна из шариков

Basic rules for the decoration of the banquet room for the wedding

The wedding is a unique and unrepetitive event in the lives of everyone. Of course, the preparations for this celebration are a troubled matter, but believe me, it's worth it. To create an atmosphere of great celebration in the soul of young women and every guest will help decoration of the banquet room♪ What should we draw attention to, and what are the elements of the decor?

First of all, draw attention to the style, if possible, it should be in line with the overall direction of the celebration, especially if the wedding is thematic. The colours must be reconciled in harmony: don't give preferences to too bright and screaming shades, because the holiday lasts for hours and very few guests will like to see unconscious tone.

It's advisable to have a day before your wedding, or the decor may lose his attractiveness, the balloons will fall in volume, the flowers will be wrapped, and the sweet decor will dry.

Also important is the convenience factor - don't overdo the jewelry - it's unlikely that people will be comfortable if there's a vase around their legs, and the dance floor will have to kill the pearls or statues all the time. Of course, it's just possible to go to an agency that's working on the decoration of the premises for the holiday, but it's possible to connect fantasy, patience and create an amazing atmosphere of a canteen room with its hands.

Aerial balloon fence

Balls are one of the most popular options. jewellery To the wedding. It's the perfect way to celebrate with a small budget. When the flowers and shapes are literate, the space will be transformed.

We can use blue-white, purple-white, red-white and other colour gammas. The balloons can be different shape--- earrings, pigeons, animal figures, they'll also make it out of the interior. Try to blow the balls to the same size, and take care of their secure attachment. Out of the inflated helium of balloons, you can put an interesting cosmic underneath the ceiling, scatter the balls, create beautiful glory and original pieces.

Украшение банкетного зала на свадьбу шарами
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