Wet Balls

Surrounding balloons in Moscow
АэроФреш – оформление
Now I'm gonna scout a few pink sprays here)

I really don't like bragging) but there are moments in my life when I want to share my joy. This year is very good for our team:
A victory in the United States in a large sculpture (in our Vadim Shushunov, in the prefabricated), a successful festival in Gelenjik, where I participated as an art director, a victory in Italy in a big sculpture, and a second consecutive year of duplicate (1st and 2nd) in a 12-minute memorial competition, and finally, the longest price contest, balloonsIt's scary to say, but for this purpose, we've been walking for seven years. And now I'm very happy with this victory, I think it's a good one. And I want to thank all of our dear colleagues for the great number of warm words that we have heard in recent days, as well as the spectacular creativity in which aerodysine exists in Russia. I would also like to thank Anna Bubnova for his sponsorship. And, of course, of all our beautiful S.S.C. team, the boys I love you all very much and I'm so much more than proud of the opportunity to work with you! You and I can make a lot of fun! In the photo: On the left to the right 100 per cent the same composition as last year, and 50 per cent the same in the seven years of participation in the Moscow Festival: Armen Egshachan (Kirovacán, Surgut), Vadim Shushkanov (Sloboda, Moscow), Dmitri Novikov (Moskva), Vadim Nesterenko (Krasnodar)

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