Marriage Of Balls

Air balls wedding
свадебное оформление шарами

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Orders are in advance! Delivery every day from 9 to 23 hours! Delivery at night is specified separately!
1. Telephone:
380-64-33 from 10 to 19 hours.
2. E-mail:
3. Personal communication in contact:
Or Margarita Nikolayevna, make sure the message is read, we'll contact you.
The best way to order, of course, on the phone. Do it in advance, especially for delivery.
If you want to take the order on your own, you can do it at the Oil. Look, 42 separate entrances from the courtyard, large vibration doors around 6, pre-calling. 380-64-33 or 8-951-377-7909 so that the order can be prepared for your arrival.

To order room design I'm gonna have to meet the designer. It can be done in the canteen room or in our office. The designer will help you determine the forming option and see how the discharge elements can be secured. To book the date, we take the prepayment and sign the contract. Give it up in advance, usually since April, we're starting to sign the summer months.

We try to read all the comments in the group and answer immediately, but because of the enormous workload, especially during the summer, we can miss something. A thousand apologies! For more speed, you can pee in a pen or call the numbers mentioned above.

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