It's on the door!
Оформление дня рождения в

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The price of this item includes a contribution to a Product recycling fund to ensure that waste electrical and electronic equipment is collected and recycled in a responsible manner.

It's on the door!

Looking for the accessories that can flourish your house for holidays, come to the IKEA store. You'll find everything here, from the tree jewels and the earring to the gifts and the packaging paper.

I'm sorry.

Prepare for holidays without fuss.

In the Winter 2016 collection, you will find a universal solution for the annual celebration. Enjoy your traditions, flowers and warm holidays. This collection has everything that needs, from decorative elements, lighting and textiles to lunch, cooking and food. So relax, and IKEA will help make these holidays the most memorable.

Watch the whole textile

Turn your kitchen into a bakery.

I wonder what kind of liver would taste? Inspire the atmosphere of the holiday and invite your friends to take care and share joy together. Looks like home. It tastes like homework. They're even packed so they can be delivered to their loved ones. After all, it's just a liver, not something inconceivable.

Examine all the derivatives, gift packages and accessories

Give me your fantasy for these holidays.

Give me a little space for a party with a scale.

Make it your own way. All you need to do is make the guests feel at home, from the fake cards to the warehouse chairs and one-time dish. So take the situation. hands. and do it your way.

See all food preparation and delivery
Длинный стол и на нем все для выпечки: миски, стеклянные кувшины с молоком, кухонные полотенца и фартуки. Подарочные коробки с домашними печеньями и мятными леденцами в коричневой бумаге с оконцами. Украшенная гостиная с зажженными свечами на журнальном столике, гирлянда на стене и большая рождественская звезда. Два зонта, подвешенные к потолку и украшенные красными лентами и елочными игрушками белого, красного и серебряного цветов.
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