Ekaterinburg Balls

Chariods: Charming, Catherineburg
Оформление шарами выпускного

Make sure you get snowflies from the foam! We're making snowflakes to order-- different sizes, snacks to choose. 2-3 days of manufacture.
There are snowflakes:
d=15 - 11 grand, d=20 cm - 22 grand, d=30 cm - 10 grand.

Birthday shape: huge balloons with whistles, foam figure, paper lipstones.
All the elements of the decor can be ordered in one place, in the State of Char-Charodei's celebration.

Not only a wide range of balloons in Studia Char-Charodei's.
We're offering paper jewels for your holidays: lipsticks, cassettes, paper earls or hearts.
There are 400 cm long viewers, 200 roubles per round, 3d rounds worth 300 roubles.

There's a lot of press volunteers and balloons, and in such cases, we always come to help, because the client is comfortable with ordering a party in one place.
Spartacadiades in CC Kurgano:

1, 5 million balloons in the sky. Cleveland, USA. 1986

Don't forget the glow balls for your holiday!
They're really glowing, and it's beautiful in the dark!
In Studio Shar-Charodei, the price is 65 roubles per treated helium ball with lights.

If you haven't decided how to steal the room by New Year's, you're gonna use paper lips! They'll help create a winter fabulous mood. Don't forget that we're not the only ones in our range. balloonsbut a wide range of paper jewels!

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