Questions and responses to balloons
Оформления шарами

It must be borne in mind that each work on individualization requires the specificity of the event, the recommendations of designers and, of course, your wishes. Based on experience, the average cost of balls, approximately 5,000 to 7000 roubles. A professional team of designers and masters of the TopShar will allow you to translate the most extraordinary decisions that will admire your guests.

Each room has its distinctive characteristics, both composive and demand-driven, so we are individually approaching the issue of processing and specifying in detail all the conditions. The TopShar team is very careful about your wishes by introducing them into design decisions for the event.

We were able to lower the minimum order for the Moscow and Podmoskovia air balloons, now only 2,500 roubles (with delivery), which is well below the minimum order of other firms.

Once the volume of work has been agreed, the manager will report the value of the order you pay for, the developer, for major purchases, a prepayment of 50 per cent, the remaining amount is paid only after all the work has been performed.

A full package of primary documents for processing (contract, specifications, payment account, work performed) is provided to corporate clients. Naturally, there's no cash payment for Air balls

If you are very sensitive to your repairs and you do not want to use the walls to secure the pulmonary joints from the balloons, the TopShar designers will offer you a design and a combination of balloons that do not require any attachment. Moreover, the composing data also underlines the exquisiteness of your interior.

Unlike other firms, we only work with quality Latin balls of Belgian or American production. So our balls hold a helium 12 to 15 hours. You can be sure they won't fall on the floor at the beginning or in the middle of your holiday. If necessary, we'll work the balloons with a special substance that will increase their flight time to 3-5 days. Folgated balls hold a helium much longer and can fly two to three weeks.

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