Charm Decoration

Charm design and decoration
Оформление последнего звонка и

Company services:

Dear and beloved customers, we draw your attention to the fact that the designer's leaving for a future design for our design offer is a feeble one, so we ask for an understanding of the road and the order of the design offer runs from 3 to 4 hours of time, and you pay whatever the outcome of the meeting.

The cost of leaving depends on the possibility of reaching public transport or using a personal vehicle.

If you want to save yourself on the call of a disiner, you can arrange for ready design elements selected on our Internet, a store or a designer to transport it by your forces.

Cost of departure for human settlements:

Aprilka, Marushino, Selatino, Peredelino, Solncio, Naro Fominsk, Krekshino, Vnukovo, Krasnozmensk, Moscow (at metro stations) 300rubs.

Golitsino, Odzovo, Kalinic, Ptty, Large/Blue, Uspenski, Moscow, Gorki 10, 2-400.

Ateptsevo, Red Pachra, Golovenki, Shiskin Les, Turake, Savvy Sloboda 750.

The shape and decoration of the balls of Naro-Fominsk, the decoration and decoration of the Selatino balloons, the decoration and colouring of the balloons of Petrovsky, the formation and decoration of the Frunzene balls, the deed and the decoration of the Sofjino balls, the decoration and the decoration of the Novolicia balls, Charm decoration Red denominations, editing and decoration of the Odincio balls, shaping and decoration of the Barwih balls, shaking and stealing of the Zhukovka balls, shaping and stealing of the Rador balls, shaping and jeweling. ♪ ♪

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