Birthday Balls

Birthday balls
Украшаем зал шарами своими

украшение шарами дня рожденияBirthday only once a year! One day! I'd like him to be completely memorable, light and careless, like in a distant childhood. Even those who celebrate their first 50 always wish to receive not only the desired thing, the heartfelt congratulations of their friends and the warm smiles of their family. The whole atmosphere of the holiday must be happy. Don't get out of here! Well, the most pleasant and simple way to bring the birthday party back to a careless childhood is to deliver the guilty party to a surprise. The best helpers in this case are birthday balls!
The birthing balls are all different. It depends on the fantasy of close people, no one else knows about the birthdays. The balls can be proud to announce their years without complacency by setting the main wall of the solemn hall with figures. Well, those who hide their age or just don't feel their age can simply be congratulated by the words from the balloons: Happy Birthday!
The jewelry of the birthday balls could be the most unexpected. For example, air assistants can make a flower bouquet that won't last long. ! Even if the birthday comes on a working day, the sense of the holiday will help to paint the boothwork! And if you need to congratulate quickly and efficiently, the entire ceiling in the room can be painted by colored air balloons.
The balloons for the day of birth will help quickly and easily form the celebration table:
- It's beautiful to have the birthday of the other guests.
- by stealing steaming tables;
- by making a matching name.
Even if you don't have 10 balloons in your arsenal, you can always think of something original. For example, all balloons assemble in a composite and steal the center of the table, and in the middle of the holiday, use them as a competitive arsenal. Or another win-win and amazing way of congratulating the birthday boy, using balloons as a gift package. It's only in a slightly inflated balloon to put a gift and then put it in one big air ball. The culprit doesn't know the gift until the ruptures!

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