Kazan balls, helium balls
шарики, оформление

All the supplies you can buy from us at Ibrahimov, 24

How much would it cost to 27 helium balloons with a birthday?

How much are gel balls worth?

Good morning, how much would it cost to be 25 helium balls with ribbons, and two folgated (multhylm characters) delivered to Yagodin 25?

All the information on the balls can be found on the phone 240-54-20 during working hours from 9:00 to 18.00. Or come to Ibrahim's store, 24 and pick balls and goods for your taste and color. Let's see you.

Hello! Any DMB balls?

Dear friends! I'm happy to introduce you to a new year's collection of goods, including not only jewellery by New Year, but also thematic. balloons And Bengali lights. Come to us, we'll be happy to see you at Ibrahimov, 24

Hi, how much helium balls are worth?

Dear members of our community! We answer all your questions only in the face! Please have a leaf to answer your comment!

All the supplies from the collection you can buy from us at the store at Ibrahimov, 24. Good to see you!

Here's the new stuff we've got on sale, so we can get it from the store at Ibrahimov, 24

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