The Jewelry Of The Balloons

Creation of anniversary and birthday by balloons
Украшение зала на юбилей

Надпись из шариков С Днем рождения любимаяOn this beautiful day, our parents wake up with the happiest smile on their face. Our friends are rushing, as soon as possible, to say the warm, sensible words of happiness and health, love and well-being. They give gifts, give sincere joy, give kisses and hugs, give a piece of their soul. And this magical holiday is called Birthday

Everyone wants this day to be special, to be happy, light, air. Therefore, the decoration of the birthday(s) is responsible. The formation of a birthday party by air balloons is the ideal option to make the holiday truly happy, light and air. Studio-Art has been in the process of stealing birthdays (jubiles) for many years, and on our account many happy smiles of birthdays and guests, hundreds of grateful words.

"Happy Birthday."

"Happy Birthday."

Букет из сердецHeart bouquet

Heart bouquet."

Decent date

Decent date."

Double anniversary

Double anniversary

Era nightclub.

Era nightclub.



Making an apartment by birthday.

Making an apartment by birthday. Helium chain of falgated stars with greetings + falgated "16" in a composite

Day of birth to the manager

It's my birthday to the manager. Conference room formalization

Clerk ' s office for Birth Day

Staff member ' s office for the birthday of gellows

Достойная дата10

A boiler of gellows


It's an air balloon birthday. Removal of the apartment

It's an air balloon. Helium chain on the trolleys with the words " Happy Birthday!", balloons under the ceiling with informative ribbons.


75-year-old balloons

The White House Hotel. Big balloon chains, ball ball ball ball balls with a balloon joint.


Isif Kobson's granddaughter born with balloons

Decreasing the birthday of air balloons in the form of effluents, air flowers and Ideel 10 in the whale of guirlands


Continuous application of the anniversary (70 years) by air balls and live flowers. Composition of tissues (drying)

Big numbers are 70 of the live flowers and tissue balloons.


Crocus City Restoran Fugene scene.

A fun penny from my first 50 balloons.


The birthday of a starter footballer for six years. Restaurant Avignon.

Helium circuits with informative ribbons on the floor, table helium boxes with folgated balls (stars, football)


Двойной юбилей Оформление ночного клуба Эра Оформление юбилея Оформление квартиры ко дню рождения
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