Storage Of The Wedding Hall By Air

Украшение свадебного зала
The balloons are always beautiful, celebrating and... airborne. Especially now we can buy balls of any colours, shapes, sizes, sights and pictures, mat, glazing and transparent. It's less costly to influencing them, or helium, and then the balloons will float under the ceiling. The balloons are made up of a wide variety of combinations, and fantasy flight is virtually unlimited.

In the wedding hall, balloons are usually placed on the walls, provided with access to an entrance and an arche for young women, formed and sewn under the ceiling of the garlands. But there are more unusual, creative options for using these toys. For example, white and black small balloons can create symbolic figures of brides and grooms, from divergent colors, wedding cakes, golden rings and so on. You can put out the names of newlywed spouses, make them flowers and bouquets.

Of course, the young people's table plays a central place in the room. If a carcase is organized, it is not only possible to form it itself, add various volumes, but also to place it in parallel throughout the ball casing hall. They must be in the form of the same aroc, but with a simpler form. It's going to attract the view of the culprits of the triumph, like an archway.

Helium-filled balloons look effectively in the " free flight " under the ceiling, and can be fixed at different altitudes with a ribbon of different lengths. The same balloons will very much steal the table, being attached to the guest chairs. Nice and effective balloons with lighting, especially when light's turned off, for example, during the wedding valley of young people.

Surprise balls can be organized to include them in the wedding program, to create a composite that will then be launched into heaven by the bride and groom. Air balloons and helium balloons can be constructed with " flower flowers " placed at the entrance, in passages and throughout the hall.

The balloons need to be set at least an hour before the celebration, which is provided that the balls are already filled with air or helium, all composions are formed, and they remain only in the places to be fixed, and all work is done by professionals. If it's for Aerial balloon jewelry The young people themselves, their friends or their family, are the best thing to do this evening on the eve of the celebration, so as not to be nervous and have time to rectify unforeseen situations.

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