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In a slope, the world's largest musical
Тематическое украшение шарами
A 17-metre ball will play songs about Moscow, New Year and winter.

The giant tree ball with the dance floor inside will be on the Fall Mountain. He entered the Guinness Book of Records in 2016 at the nominating " The Big Light Sculpture in the World " .

The ball will collect 23,000 lights, the sculpture diameter will be 17 metres. He's not only gonna be bright, but musical. The repertoire will include melody and songs about Moscow, winter and New Year. Depending on the sound music, the lights will be broadcast to the surface of the toys of different sizes - snow, fireworks, rings. The lights will be built under the loudness and rhythm of music and their colour palitre.

" All interested will be able to come inside a huge tree toy and dance. The track record will consist of the most famous melodies, including the song ABBA Happy New Year, the musical fragment of Zima from the Year's Cycle, Antonio Vivaldi, the song "Moscows" in the performance of the Moscow Girls Group, “Zimah” in the performance of Eduard Hill (the ice door, scream). - Prim ) - spoke to the press service of the Moscow Fair.

The ball will begin on December 1, and last for more than a week.
In the run-up to 2016, a 17-metre-diameter new ball was seized by the Manoeuvre Area. He wasn't musical, and he wasn't allowed to dance. The Ginness Book Committee in London has been asked to recognize this giant tree toy of the world's largest secular sculpture. In April, the Committee confirmed the record of that nomination.

As noted in the Moscow Fairs GBG, the tree ball will be the largest but not the only one in the city. A lighting ball, only a smaller diameter, only 11 meters, will be installed on the NIS. And in the area of Zelenograd, the size of the glowing balls will be the highest, with a diameter of three metres.

By New Year and Christmas, Moscow will be stealing lights. The number of 2017 will meet the Moscow and the city's guests at the fairs and bulwars. The area of Kuznetska Moste and Christmas will be transformed into a fair forest by girland, and in Zamskvorite, the main decorations will be the sky-wrapping of different forms and sizes. The Novoirbat Bridge will be equipped with large tree balls that will be light, warm light.

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