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Choose a requisition for a family photo shoot, every mom
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Choose a requisition for a family photo session.
Part 1

Every mother, in a photo session, deals with organizational matters. Who to wear, where to make hair, what shoes to find for the studio, so it's not banal sandals.
Today, we will stop, perhaps at the most pleasant point of preparation, the selection of a requisition.

The audit is a real helper in family surveys: what live and sincere pictures are produced if the child has a home-grown toy, what is the holiday with the balls, how happy Dad gets to be if he can kick the kids with the ball.

I'm offering my family survey list. And for the sake of convenience, I divided it into two parts: the first thing I can bring with me, the second thing you can find in a photo studio.

If you're full of strength and enthusiasm to bring the individuality into the photosystem and prepare your requisition, I suggest you remember your joint exercises.
Any family has their own chips: joint TV, group sports, favorite dances and songs.
Pick up your family as a requisition. In this case, some time in the survey will be available for mobile classes and live emotional photographs.

In addition, helium balls can be ordered, they always cause an emotion for children and give a sense of holiday.

Different treats can also serve as a great requisition. Nice cake or cute cakes, sprinkles of bright fruits, lemons on sticks, bright and delicious accent ready!

To play, small jewels can be found - Mickey Mouse's ears, funny glasses, hats, etc. Imagine how funny Mickey's family is gonna work if everyone wears black ears. You don't need a white T-shirt or a gin.

You can try to get away from the colors rather than the specific stuff. For example, you have prepared dresses in which red colour is present. In this case, your image will be perfectly suited in this gamma, for example, flowers, garlands, the same. balloons

I've told you about all possible requisition options for a bright family photo session. His choice is limited to your fantasy of е, and if she's so tight, specialized shops and artists will always come to help. Based on my experience, I'll always tell you what and where to find.
And don't forget the requisition that's kind of a photo studio. We'll talk about him next time.

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