Aerial Balloon Fence

Real miracles in the mature city

We welcome you on the threshold of a remarkable country, a country of feather events, holidays and unforgettable celebrations! You just opened the door to a real fairy tale, because the unique ideas of the Yzumrud City specialists can transform any space. Like a magic wand, the hall turns into a world of joy, laughter and smile... Go!

Any holiday will be more beautiful if you add to the script a true sense of happiness. And it's found! Original charming is a simple and cheap way of creating a solemn atmosphere.

To give people joy is our calling. The colouring of balloons makes it possible to create an appropriate mood, and to resolve the issue of accommodation. Hundreds of creative ideas, creativity, wide scope, are the most bold fantasiest reality.

Perhaps wild orchids will flourish in the Hall? Professionals will be able to transform the boring luxury interior of the luxury colors, hearts, fabulous characters, and other exotic combinations. Work balloons and decorations The room is our poem. We can do everything here!

Artstudy suggests:

  • (feerical show)
  • decoration of various corporate holidays;
  • The decoration of balloons in child and family celebrations;
  • Formulation of individual-acquisitioned copying projects (under the budget agreed with the customer);
  • Provision of an appropriate atmosphere at the opening of branches, trade complexes, shops;
  • Helium-filled balls.
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