Walking Balls

Walking balls
Ходячие фигуры из воздушных

The balloons arrived in time, ordered 30 gel balls, brought 32, apparently with a stock. All additional items (sewage, plates, napkins and grammars) were described on the site. The folg balls lasted over four days.


Thank you so much for the balls, ordered on November 4th, still flying! We got here on time, as we agreed, just a little early. I didn't work with the soap bubble guns, ordered 2, one of them didn't work, so one of the kids was upset.

Thank you so much for the balls, they ordered the balls and the pieces in the morning. Childhood balloons♪ But I was surprised that helium balls had been hanging on the 6th day and not yet. The baby and the guests were thrilled, thank you so much, so beautiful we have a day at home.

Thank you very much for your pleasure. All requests for cake removal were taken into account, delivery on time, balloons flying) PS separately thank the courier for not fearing big dogs) and for extra balls.

Thank you very much for the clear, smooth work. They ordered school balls for the day of the teacher. Rapid delivery, good courier. The balls were flying six! You're professional! Thank you for your fiscal policy! We're your clients now!

Thank you so much. The order's been slashed, the balloons are ready for the morning. The price is good, the balls are good, the big ones, and today the second day is still not falling. Although they were in a photo shoot park last night, and at 1 p.m. on the bus, they were played by no kids at night. Which is particularly pleasant for the gift of one balloon, because I didn't have a cloud of balls, but only a 9th, this tenth ball was very appropriate and necessary. You're the only one behind the balls!

I couldn't reach you right away. They're a little late, but they're here. It's beautiful, cheap. And you didn't.

Eugenia, what are you doing? The phone on the site is always available, and you've been calling the other bodies, the delivery interval was until 11:00, we brought the balls at 10.40, although yesterday the operator promised about 10.30 ( always use the word "about" because there's a possible deviation of 5-10 minutes on any side). So you're late, it's not about us? As for quality, you're right here, we've got the best balloons in the market: ideally painted, no odour, and honest 12 inches, not a 10-inch.

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