The Size Of The Balloons

Master-grade balloon shit
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The LASCO CUT SERVICES SERVICES continues a series of training workshops, the first of which is dedicated to the manufacture of balloons for Modelling (SDM)

3 hours.

Master class programme
* SDM. What balls. How to choose the right ones. SDM manufacturers. What balls are to be chosen depending on the shape. Where to buy the balls in Voronage.

* SDM Technician. It's good to infuse, undress, cherish, keep.

*Elementary specimen from the CMM (from 1 ball)

♪ Figures from a few balls. Methods of communication

* The color basket with its hands.

At all stages of the work, the master will not only tell the manufacturing technology, but will also be able to produce the pieces. That's the key difference between the master class and the video training!

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