Shoe Balls

101 Воздушный шар , студия

Delivery and self-export of air and helium balls to Tumeni

Cost of delivery of balls by g The prison is between 300 roubles and 600 roubles.
Minimum cost of order for delivery of 1,000 roubles. There are no restrictions on the cost of the order!

In order outside of g. The prison to the cost of delivering an additional 20 roubles per kilometre.
Delivery from 9.00 to 23.00

We're also offering all our clients to take the balloons, the pieces and the joints on their own! But it should be known that 60 balls with helium in a car will not be placed. They'll only go to universal or crossover. Self-export is carried out from 1 ball.

Go to the big map.

Payment to Prazdnik-Tumen

The following payment options are now available:

  1. Cash when ordered
  2. Translation to the bank card of Sberbank Russia
  3. Transfer to Zapsibcombank Banking Card
  4. Online to pay QIWI Wallet electronic money.
  5. Pay through the Yandex system. Money
  6. WebMoney payments
  7. Payment through online payments - PayPal
  8. For legal entities, transfer to the bank ' s personal account with all necessary records!
  9. For orders exceeding 4,000 roubles, prepayment is required.

    Why do you order the delivery of the balls to the Spear-Time company?

    1. Our delivery service works fast and accurately, we bring balloons when you're comfortable.
    2. We take care not only of the quality of our balls and bouquets, but we also do everything we can to keep you happy about 300% of our service and our work.

    Order the delivery of balloons to the house or to the office, surprise your loved ones! We also make an anonymous delivery of balloons to the recipient.
    You can buy poisoned balloons and ball boxes in our office address. Darkness. Preliminarily order 780-555 so you don't have to wait until we blow balloons. We'll prepare them for exactly the time, and you'll only have to give yourself and your close air joy!

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