Master Class Of Balloons

Master class to Valentine Day from Airballs

Do you want to surprise all the spectacular gifts from the balls for the lovers' holidays made by your hands?
We meet a lot of beautiful things in our lives. Some of them are just beautiful, other beautiful, but there are many, and only with the appearance of some of them, we resurrect.

"Wow! It's exclusive!

It's also in Aerodesin. And it'll share the secrets of creating original balloons for the upcoming celebration of the Day of All Lovers of IGAI Sharov.
Show your own and familiar exclusive gifts from the balls!

Look at the pictures below, and realize that now you can create the same figures by going to the aerodise master class for Valentine's Day.
Master class:
No. 1. 100grene is "A charming bowl of flowers"
No. 2. 50green - Air Valentine.
No. 3. 100 grne is "Bouquet from balloons with a man in love." (Inputs and ball pumps are already included in the cost).
Master class is 2 hours.
Place: Mr. Kremenchug
Galaxy, Café Madagascar, Lenin Ul.21
An aerodyssian grad school called Figura to Du Valentine is a unique opportunity to learn to create an amazing opportunity. Air balls

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