Colours Of Balloons

Red balloons
Цветы из воздушных шариков

The prices of the composer will be specified in a personal report, and no notice of your comments will be given.

There are 15 Roma in the bouquet. Price 600r.

Minnie's height is 130 cm. Price 850r.

The compassion is worth 1,650 for both the boy and the girl.

There are 5 roses worth 350r.

I already saw the phone number, I'm sorry. Is there a question left to order for the time?

Good afternoon, tell your phone number. For which time to order, where or how to take it.

The air balloons will give the community, on 26 July, to one of our casual subscribers who made this tape!

As a bonus for all bidders - 10% discount on any Air balls..for the period of this prank.

To participate:
♪ Make the record straight ♪
Rasnodar competition
:: A prize is required within a month of completion of the prank

Communication by 14 February, price 750rub.

And here's a gift for the winner of the Free Redmark group.

Make a surprise for someone close to you! Whether it's a birthday or a anniversary, or just so, your gift won't be ignored!

Friends, I take orders from bodies. 2. Anya.

The group's wall is empty.
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