Coke Balls

Choose the right size
фигурки из воздушных шаров
  • I'm tired of giving normal flowers?
  • Looking for something to surprise a friend?
  • What about your girlfriend or colleague?

In three years of our work, more than 2,000 girls have received such flowers. And we don't know a single case where they'd be unhappy. So we're saying, if you really want to surprise a girl, make sure she has a nice emotional mark from the gift she's given, try to give her a present. Air ball colours

If you doubt it, you can look at the pictures of the flowers from the balls in the photo gallery.

Any bouquet we can put in an elegant basket: +500 ную to value.

Every bouquet has extra flowers. We guarantee that we'll bring as many flowers as you ordered.

The normal delivery of the bouquet is packed in a non-transparent cello. When a surprise arrives, the bouquet is delivered without a package and handed to the recipient in all the colors.

Our bouquets are divided into four categories by number of flowers: 7, 11, 15 and 23 flower. So you can get a present under any budget you have.

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