Air Balls Photos

Букеты из воздушных шаров фото

Are you sure you know all about balloons? Did you see the air vehicles? And the flowers and balloon palms? Come in! The balloon figs will surprise anyone!

I do. Air balls!

What can we do from the balloon? Most of us are going to say "nothing." The balloon mediator will say, "all! Anything your soul wants: gentle flowers for ladies, bright babies for children, voluminous hearts for lovers and complicated combinations with cars and planes for tough men. A real professional will perform any air figure as easily and beautifully as the air balloon goes into the sky. It's important to determine what you're going to order: a tight penny, a fun figure from round balls or an unusually obscene balloon for modelling.

Traditions to make balls.

Panno is balloons in the same plane. They are diverse: small (up to 2 metres) and huge (up to a few dozen metres) with drawings and anniversary dates, with the congratulations and logos of companies. Such a charade figure is a win-win option to steal large rooms, stadiums, concert sites and presentations. The only thing we need to make sure that there's no penny on the solar side on the street is that helium balls don't carry direct sunlights.

Records beat shapes from round balls. They're making birthdays, weddings, anniversarys and other important holidays and events. Snowflies for a new year's morning, fun grooms and brides for a couple of young weddings, a car for the presentation of a car, balls will always draw attention to their size and originality.

Usually, they're stuck on a light, but a solid carcass, which, in turn, ranges from hundreds to thousands of balloons. The carcas is selected depending on the complexity of the figure and its use (for home or streets), sometimes it becomes a sophisticated engineering structure.

...and innovation in the formation of balloons.

The novel in the aerodysia is the pieces from the simulation balls (like long caps, widely used in the west). They can be made interesting, similar to the " real " figures of people, animals, flowers. A son likes to ride a skate? Steal his birthday as a skateboard player! Colleague's pulling cactus? Fill his collection with a new view of balloons!

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