Air Balloon Figs In Moths

шары на новый год

The last day of the prank, you'll still be able to participate!

It's three days before the end of the prank!

We have two novels.

Attention, we've got rumbles! It's such a great God's cow! To compete, you need to:
- To join the group
- to put "I like" and "Friend my friends" on this message.
The winner of the prank will be randomly selected on 30 May.
It's only for the residents of Petrozavodska!

Novinka! Midway to be put on your hand=

A little balloon pleasure!

1 May - Spring and Truda (Pervomi)
3 May - World Press Freedom Day
5 May - Water Day
7 May - Radio Day, holiday of all communication industries
9 May - Victory Day
10 May - Scare Day
12 May - World Medical Sisters Day
13 May - Black Sea Navy Day
15 May - International Day of the Family
18 May - International Day of Museums
18 May - Baltic Navy Day
19 May - Pionary Day
24 May - Slavic writing and culture day
24 May - Personnel day (staff day)
25 May - Filter Day
26 May - Russian Business Day
27 May - General Russian Library Day
28 May - Border Police Day
29 May - Military Motor Day
31 May - Chemical Day
31 May - Russian Bar Day
31 May - World Blond Day
Give the party to your loved one!

We've got an update in the band!

Easter! Light holiday! Congratulate your favorite original way! Easter eggs, chickens, angels balloons!

The group's wall is empty.

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