Air Ball Caps

Figur of "fixtures"
Фиксики из воздушных шаров

All our helium balls flying more than 5 daysas processed by a special U.S. production unit Ultra HI-FLOAT. Processing Ultra HI-FLOAT:
HI-FLOAT - it's a liquid plastic solution that is processed from inside balloons before helium blows. After strokes in the 2nd to 4th hours, the composition shall dry, creating inside Helium balloon holding a helium film. Details on the composition of Ultra HI-FLOAT read here (click here)

Charik Pro uses only lead producer balls (Latex Occidental, Sempertex, Qualatex, FLEXMETAL, CTI, Betallic, North Star Balloons) all latex balls are made of 100 per cent natural, clean latexes without fillings and chemical additives.

(depending on delivery time and area) you can always take the balloons on your own by coming to our office at the street. Roses Luxembourg 20. In a light-class golf car, up to 50 balloons in the rear seat and up to 25 balloons in the trunk. Cash and electronic money can be paid.

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