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Pre-school backpack "Pinnie Puch"
Винни Пух и его друзья

Pre-school backpackVinnie Puh"is a convenient practical backpack that would be great for walks, trips and trips. Ryukzak has been discharged from solid long-term material. The attractive design with the red yellow bloom and the red picture of the popular bear from the disintestine mulphilms will certainly love your child. The plugs on the lightning are in the form of a bear's head. Large convenience straps reduce the load on the spine, are regulated in length, and there is a textile pen for carrying. Ryukzak is fastened to the plug, inside one ward. There is an extra large pocket of lightning on the face and two pockets of lightning on the side.

Additional information:- Material: textile.
♪ Ring size: 28 x 26 x 9 cm.
♪ Packaging size: 29 x 4 x 27 cm.
♪ Weight: 0, 33 kg. Pukzak, preschool "Vinnie Puch" 28*26*9 cm, Game Together, we can buy our Internet store.


  • For children aged 4 to 8 years
  • Item number: 4637664
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