Audible balloons: The most famous stories of imposters in the world of sport
Воздушные шарики для тортов

The emergence of imposters with plastic medals at the commemoration of the Olympic champions in Great Britain has become unexpected, but such situations have long been rare. RT recalls the most ridiculous deceptions in the history of Russian and world sport.

Senegalese diamond

Ali Dia's transition to Southampton is very often called the most important transfer in English football history. In 1996, the Chief Coach of the Graham Suness team called a man who was represented by George Wea, the owner of the 1995 Goldball. He asked the mentor to take a look at the talented player of Senegal ' s prefabricated team and his cousin, Ali Dia, who allegedly played last season in the second division in Germany. Denying a search would be a scam, and Graham agreed.

The player was contracted for a month, and the coach sent him to the dungeon, making a promise to see the nearest match. However, the reserve game was cancelled because of the terrible weather, and Suness, relying on the recommendations of the Vea, put Día at the core of the Prime League against Leeds. Ali went out to the field, replacing Matt Le Tisseer's traumatized. The player spent 43 minutes on the field - in the second time, Suness's nerves didn't survive, and he reversed. In two weeks, the contract with the African was terminated. Ali tried to stay in one of the fifth division clubs, but he didn't even succeed.

Not Togo.

If there's still a way to get used to the counterfeit passports of individual African football players, the whole fake prefabricated is very rare. On 7 September 2010, such a team, which claimed responsibility for Togo ' s national prefabricated team, played against Bahrain and departed 0:3.

Turns out it wasn't the first time. In June of the same year, a fictitious " youth " under the leadership of a former leader of Bana Tchanile ' s main friendship played a match with Egypt. He also led the impostors who lost in Bahrain.

Tchanil was suspended from football activities for two years. Investigations revealed that the organizers of the afur were criminal groups that were engaged in contractual matches around the world.

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