Scars On Order

What the hell are you talking about
Шарики на заказ

A very brave article of the Honourable
Christian Marriage:

"... I can already hear the question: what is the " sexual intimacy " , which, as is known from Pisania, started after sin? And while sexual intimacy is an inevitable consequence of the deep desire of people who love each other to be together. Always and everything. Thus, God has invested in the very thickness of the human nature in the irresistible manner of the spouses to each other. Before the sin. And no matter how blasphemous we speculated on the topic, "and if it wasn't for the crime of command, how would the masters multiply?" Obviously, one thing was that sexual differentiation and the inevitable consequence of it was that it was overcome in full unity, in a single dam, was originally invested.

Now we're approaching the most important. Is the meaning of the sexual intimacy of the conception? If we look at a man like an animal, of course, yes. And that confirmation is the entire animal world. Especially spring. Or who has when. Yeah, I've heard a lot of hateful amvon sermons, especially in monasteries, calling for an example of cows and horses that have a race once a year, and you people who always want something, for sins and passion! The only thing is that the preacher is bound to be at some depth of "hungry" if he hadn't wanted, his entire religious paphos would have blown up fast. Air balloon♪ Only he, if good monks, by his own motions, prayers and other ways, learned to sublimate, to move his "hungry" from a telescope to the spiritual, or someplace near. And if he wanted to be a horse, once a year, I'm afraid the energy would not have been enough for the most elementary work, not that it would be high. A halfless man is the same as a waste, a " no-no-no-no-no-no-nothing " . Today's neurophysics don't lie: the floor is really "closing" around the body (using V.V.Rosanova terminology), but in no way, they're dead. Hormons and everything else are no more than a consequence of the deep processes that flow into the human person and reflect (or somehow otherwise related) with the brain. As Dick Swaab, a known neurobiologist, writes in his book, " We are our brains " , " sex begins and ends in the brain " , not in the genital organs.

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