Omsk Ball

Известный Омский блогер

Air balloon flights are the best way to end up in a world of stunning beauty, silence, harmony, far away from the thunderning of tired sounds, rutins and tiring habits.

An hour alone with the sky and a close man is an opportunity to drown long the thirst of adrenaline, to look at the world on the other hand, to feel every cell of its body happiness and to get a huge charge of positive energy!

The ball basket has up to four people, which makes this certificate as a great gift to a friend's company, because being in the sky is a sea of emotion, joy and beauty, and sharing these impressions with close people is both pleasant.

This gift will be remembered for life by the best moments you've ever had, and if you're going to make a romantic trip to the balloon with a loved man, it's an occasion to add tranquillity and tenderness to your relationship.

P.S. Let's go. Air balloon Just! Call us and order a date in the clouds.

Detailed description

Duration: 1 summer hour

Number of participants: up to 2nd

Number of guests: not limited

Place: Om province

What you need to know:

Flights take place in the morning (6-8 a.m.) or in the evening after 19.00

Flights are not allowed

Spiritual drinks are prohibited during flight.

How will it go:

Participants enter the designated airfield at the designated time and meet with the instructor.

The instructor conducts a brief training in safety, explains the bases of the air balloon.

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