Make Balloon Jewels

Air balls
Цветок из воздушных шаров (2

Classic, everyone familiar, but it's not as good as the decoration of the halls, shops, concert halls of the balloons, it's a low-cost and simple way to transform the outside view of the room and create a celebratory mood. The balls flying into the air ribbons give the normal room a fabulous view, and the arches are smearing into the royal palace.

Air ball ranges

The use of balloons is limitless. There are various kinds of celebrations:

  • Classic decorative girlance from balloons can be wheat or straight, made from balloons big or small. It is widely used to decorate space with a small area.
  • Ploska is more likely to be ready for a bright penny or arc. This type of skimming allows the arche or ribbon to be placed on an arc or a ribbon.
  • The suspension of the linings is the simplest in the manufacture, but very good. For this gear, special balloons are needed with two tails connected to one row. She's very good for making big rooms.

Not much? We assure you, in the hands of experienced masters, these girlands come out with amazing jewelry! If you wish, some jewelry can be done on its own. Might not be a big penny, but a bright chain of colored balls is easy to do with their hands.

How to make an air ball star.

Let's start with a tape from Linking:

  • Pick up the lining balls with the right color.
  • The main difference between the Linkings is two tails at the end of the ball. The balloons are easy to connect.
  • The length of the chain, the rotation of flowers depends only on your fantasy.

Classic air casings with your hands:

  • Push the same size balls. Professionals have a special calibre for this purpose. Maybe you should get one of those, that's a lot of balloons for the gearls.
  • Tie the balls together.
  • Now we're uniting two couples. Every quarter goes to the cluster.
  • To make a chain of 1 metre long balls, you need to prepare 7 clusters (four).
  • Leska or ribbons connect the clusters. To make the decoration look beautiful, tighten up a quarter of the balls.
  • The meter is ready. You'll have to repeat it all first.
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