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Delivery of balls in omska
24 hours a day. The exact cost of the service depends on the distance and time of the day. All the information you can get on the phone with our specialists.

Methods of delivery

There are several ways of delivering balls in our store:

  • Self-export;
  • delivery of courier;
  • Delivery is a surprise (when the customer is not present at delivery);
  • delivery to animators.


Any order you can take on your own at the self-export point, located at Bogdan Hmelnicsky, 170. 1 Floor, 30-year-old PCIS, by prior agreement. In this case, you won't have to pay for the delivery. But we have to pre-require a website or a phone order, so we can pre-equip balls or pieces and you won't have to wait.

On average, up to 50 balls per vehicle.

Delivery of balls as a courier

We're trying to deliver every order in time! Unfortunately, for reasons beyond our control (problems, unfavourable weather conditions, lateness and delays on the part of clients), the courier may be delayed, so delivery is not always possible by now. We recommend that our clients, when ordering, indicate the time delivery interval (e.g., from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m.).

If there's any questions in the delivery of the courier (no access to a particular address, no housephone, etc.) he'll contact you on the phone contact number.

Delivery is a surprise.

If you want to please a dear man and surprise him by ordering balls, bottles or balloons, we'd love to help you!

If you order delivery, surprise, you must pay the order in full.

Delivery of balls by animators

Delivery of balloons by animators is a unique opportunity to address all the issues of child holiday. Ababariqi Company provides services such as Delivery Omsk animators♪ This is twofold: the place of celebration will be established at the highest level, and the animator will have fun and interesting child holidays. Children and adults will be 100% satisfied!

In case you ordered a bright theatre delivery and a birthday party involving animators, clowns, growth dolls, and even a star of estrades, you'll get a great mood, a positive spirit and a bright impression! The value of this service, ranging from 500 roubles, is determined individually.

Methods of payment

You can pay for the receipt if you ordered the delivery balls yourself.

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