Buy A Balloon

About what's needed in detail
Купить Шарик с петелькой
At the Costco store, I particularly like to ride before all the holidays, because at this time there are unusual delicates. For example, goat cheese in a cranberry shoe, cheese brush, which is wrapped in the oven, truffle floss in the form of pest, etc. Anyway, I'm standing on the lights, I'm not touching anyone, like, suddenly... the look fell on a nearby UPS delivery van.

The car like a car, you tell me. Right! What attracted my attention?

Turns out, even the workers' socks with the trade logo! That's nice. ♪ ♪

For a long time, I've come to my favorite barn shop. I like to come here early before the people run.

Egg at the entrance

He sends his thoughts to the right line immediately.

If I had my house, I'd buy a whole lot of jewelry. I guess.

Although a group of such dark comrades I would hardly have acquired:

And if we had a place for a full-fledged eel, those balls would certainly be in my chains.

I liked them a lot more traditional.

The people of Hindu-American nationality have been involved in orchids,

And the Chinese Americans gave me a preference for the unrealized flower you see. Two at a minimum!

Maybe they use it instead of a tree?

On the way back, I stood at the crossroads waiting for a green signal.

Who noticed anything unusual?

Right! It's a google car that doesn't need a driver! There were many of them on my way today. There were ladies sitting inside. We didn't. They must have been testing themselves. Fearless!

Okay, I'm gonna go take pictures of the canyon for the next post.

Olik and Bodja were with you. Would you like a car that doesn't need direct manual control?

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