Ball Shop

Scars of the Leninsk-Kusan balloons
Воздушные шары оптом

We need to:

We'll take a piece of cotton and we'll squeeze the fist down.

We're putting all the paper on.

Since I have a tree all glamorous today, I'm cleaning up the pink gophre.

We take two wires glued with paper (possible schnur or ribbon) and put it in the base of the shelves, we'll have legs.

Now we're making vain. Bastard, penoplex rectangle and vat ball.

We stick around the flies, we could use a fur.

We're going to put a pin on it, then we're gonna put a banquet on it.

Then I glued the cat with the paper, glued the schnur, glued the banquet, and then I put the stars on.

Put our tree in the boots and decorate our taste, balls, etc. I didn't show you how to glue a tree with feathers, so I think everyone will.

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