Aerial Balloon Jewels

Right decorations from balloons
украшения из воздушных

We all love balloons, they're bright, attractive and can be used not only as jewels, but also for fun pranks, plays and many others. And if one or two cottons from a broken ball can still have a lot of fun in the audience, the ball-slamming is a pretty unpleasant event. In order to ensure that the packagings remain in integrity and preservation of the maximum duration, suitable conditions for the operation of the articles need to be ensured. So, take some very important moments in your use. balloons and decorations Of them.
Гелиевые шары в ярославле

Light clocks
Generally, service life balloons, as determined by the manufacturer, depend on the material from which the ball is produced and on the size of the decoration. Latex balls embody a vicious structure that results in the gradual evasion of the helium, thus the normal 14-hour flight duration. The smaller balls fly between 1 and 6 hours. The balls of 90 cm and above are longer, and their flight may not cease for 4-6 days. Records among latex balls are 2.5 meters giant, 12 days of his life.

Folgated balls
Folgated balls in this regard are longer. The solid structure of the material is much better deterred from gas, so the life expectancy is between 4 and 5 to 15 days. The use of Hi-Float technology significantly extends the service life of any balls. With the use of a special polymer coating, the ball securely retains helium for a long time, keeping your jewelry attractive and air 3-5 times longer than usual.

Use of lax balls
The operating conditions of the balls depend mainly on the materials of their manufacture. Latex, the most common raw material in ball production, requires a particularly sensitive relationship. In addition to the well-known fact that balls are poorly transporting mechanical effects, especially sharp objects, it should be remembered that the aerial jewels are afraid of sunlight, heating over 25 degrees and cooling below 0. The darker the ball exposed to ultraviolet, the sooner the ball fails. For example, the dark ball in the sun at 25 degrees will be blown up in an hour, and the black one in 15 minutes. Therefore, by forming jewellery, consider the conditions in which they will be used.

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