Acrossing Hotel Balls

Irpine balls, beech
Как украсить праздник шарами

Irpen, University 2/1 KVA

  • The store works from 8:00 to 20:00 without a weekend.

    Receiving orders from 8:00 to 2000


    - IPE- 300 GMT.

    - BUCHA - 400 GRI.

    - GARN 450.

    - GOSTOMIEL - 450 GRN.

    Delivery at non-work hours + 50, 00 - 100 hrynia to the cost of the order

    Services and goods

  • A wide range of holidays, including both internal and external decorations, are produced by air balloons.
  • Delivery of bouquets and Air balls
  • Big girland balls
  • Air balls and paper decorations
  • Folgated and latex balls
  • Paper
  • Axes for the holiday
  • Lateral service
  • Rental of white pigeons
  • Soap bubble generator
  • MeriMax has been working since 2008.

    Our company ' s main strategy is the quality, delivery, balloon services and individual treatment of each client. Everything's settled. Any objective should be achieved. We promise only what we can do, but we do it as efficiently as possible. Therefore, cooperation with MeriMax will certainly be pleasant and fruitful, and the holiday will be bright, unforgettable and will long remain a picture in your mind.

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