Yellow Air Balloon

How to find a parking spot with balloons
Обои В небо поднимаются две


In South Korea ' s capital, Seoul, where almost a quarter of the country ' s total population lives, one in two is the owner of the vehicle. This city is the first place to use gasoline in the world. Population density and traffic are very similar to Moscow. Despite the active promotion of public transport, more than 3 million vehicles are now registered in Seoul, and they become more every day. This creates serious inconveniences for auto-owners: free parking in the capital of South Korea is virtually non-existent today and serious fines are provided for the parking in an unscheduled location. Besides, finding a free parking spot is getting harder. Every day, drivers in Seoul spend a lot of time searching for a free parking space, traveling an average of 500 metres. An additional litre of gasoline and an unpredictable number of broken nerves can be used for this search a month.


S-Oil, one of the four main oil companies in Korea, took over a mission to conserve fuel, time and nerves. The Korean Agency Cheil Worldwide worked on the idea. They launched the HERE advertising company, which is both social and commercial. Cheil Worldwide decided that a navigation system was just needed for overburdened car parks in Seoul. A system that would show where the parking space was released. In Korea, intellectual management systems are developed. Public transport and taxis are equipped with GPS meals. Each bus stop has placards to inform of the location of buses. It's enough to know the code, and the right route can be traced from any place through the phone. Cheil Worldwide could have equipped a parking lot of ordinary Koreans with a GPS-mayac system. But they came up with an idea that hits their simplicity and abundance - the yellow HERE balls.

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