The Balloon's Up And Down

Unbanked weddings: jeans and helmet, soccer field and cuts
Протопланетный диск a traditional white dress with a fat. In Dnieper, over the past four years, young people have been walking under the genes and cyclings, ceremonies underground, on the soccer field, and even in the ice cutting.

The spring in Dnieper, like everywhere, is the wedding season. According to our observations, not every fiancée is going to a vein in a traditional white dress with a fat. Four years ago, the local athletes of Elena Sarchenko and Roman Eurohin began a series of unusual marriages in our city, arriving in an cyclist.

There was a protective helmet on the bride instead of the fat. Then there were several Baker weddings. "We came to the bikes, I was in jeans, T-shirt, tie and bandana, and my fiancée Marina, instead of the wedding dress, put on a white shirt and a jeans, remembers Andrei Kalashnikov's biker and adds that after a 50-baikov race, a 50-baikov convoy has been circling the city for a long time.

The song is underground.

In May 2011, the Dnipropetrov journalist Natalia Osipov and her elected father, Pavel Maznikovka, tied themselves to marriage in a... mine of the under construction subway. At a depth of 48 metres, underground, the submarines cleared the site, planted balloons♪ There was a marriage registration. Really, the guests were waiting for young people on the surface.

Went into the cut.

On February 14, 2010, two men with Ludmila and Nikolai Nizki decided to get involved in... cuts. In fact, a couple has been living together for 12 years and raising three children. Having fun in the ice water, they decided at the insistence of their chad. The ceremony was held in Dnipropetrovsk on the Frunzen Canal, where the humor had cut the moon in the form of a heart, and instead of the priest of the " young " , Neptune touched.

The wedding of the year is on the football field.

In June 2011, the chief rabbi of the Dnipropetrovsk of Shmuel Kaminsky on Dnieper Arene gave the married old daughter of Iegudis for the grandson of a powerful rabbi from the United States. Millionaires moved to the wedding from all over the world. Walking right on the football field in the bar.

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