Sky Balloons Fly

They fly around the sky with balloons, and people waving hats..
Воздушные шарики

In every extreme sport, there's a bunch of barrels that feed newcomers and just curious. In the kiteserfing, for example, it's a story about how someone strates cut their ears. Fascinated stories of heroic air-plugs to girls with big naive eyes - how the balls burned the shell and fell on the ground with dusty Icar. The second version of history is like a strong wind literally squeezing warm air from the shell and the ball falls back on the ground.

Pilots on the Peace Cup, which was held at the end of June in the Cary Cele under Petersburg, are laughing at these stories. A ball filled with warm air is the most stable in the air. In 20 years, less than a dozen accidents have occurred in this form of sport. So the heat aerostat pilots don't take parachutes in the flight - even a huge hole in the shell is not dead, the air ball will safely land in any case. And the sheath is made of negligent materials.

But extreme athletes are considered unforgivable. The most extreme is the landing process. In the World Cup, it was easy to identify journalists who had already made a study flight. A huge ball has a huge inertia, so a blow to the ground, and even if the wind blows, it's pretty real. That is why all solid parts of the gondola, including compressed gas cylinders, are removed into soft safety cheeks. In fact, after a rather tough landing, you can't get out quickly and start jumping down the field with the words "Oh, my God, it hurts," as it happens after a failed landing with a parachute. By getting rid of the ballast as a passenger, the balloon is gonna get up. It's gonna be patient to sit in a close gondola and wait for the air from the shell.

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