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Three days, from 14 to 16 October, Bukvod celebrates the opening of a large, two-floor shop at the Balkanski TrC in the Balkan area, 5. In the Kupcino area, this is the main book, and has every chance of becoming the main place for leisure and creativity in the location. Janus Leon Vishnievsky, buying certificates for gifts, product discounts and many other surprises, will be celebrated!

14 October, 3 p.m.

The first day of discovery is a meeting with Janusz Leon Vishnevski. A writer who in Russia so long and so much loves that Mr. Vishnyevsky has become a Russian language of his own, will speak again of love. The author ' s new book, Prosty... about one of the darkest lovers is cheating. But without darkness, don't know the light. And meeting with one of the last real romantics of the planet will be one of the brightest events of October and, indeed, the brightest at the opening of the book club Bukweed in the Balkans.

That's not the end of Bookwood's gifts to readers. All three days of the opening of the store, there are several shares.

First, 100 book hits per half-cent*, secondly, a 30 per cent discount on the second book in the cheque** and a 1,000 roubles certificate to each 100 buyer.***

As an additional bonus, Happy Watch: 14-16 October, from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. and from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., a discount of 20 per cent on the VESA shop.**** This means that it is possible to buy not only books but also supplies for hobby and creativity, games, gifts, office.

In addition, each buyer, regardless of the amount of the purchase on the opening days, will receive a guaranteed discount of 20 per cent for the entire book collection at the next shop visit*****.

Another bonus provides an opportunity, on the day of the opening of the store, to obtain the Card of the Bukvaud readers Club free of charge if the purchase amount is 1,000 roubles and not 3,000 roubles, as usual days. ***

There will be two more guests in the entertainment program on the opening days, in addition to meeting the beloved writer of all women and romance of the Vishnevsky. Bukvoud's love charge will be triple!

14 October, 7:00.

Natalia Tolstoy is invited to talk about love and psychology.

15 October, 4 p.m.

Estafeto will catch Rinat Valiullin and show the poetry side of love by presenting his new novel, "Where kisses go."

16 October

On Sunday, the first half of the day is devoted to children and the entire store is given to them. Children and their parents are awaiting a variety of entertainment programmes:

12:00 to 15:00 - Creative craftsmanships from the magic plate and wooden cooking, balloons And the growth dolls.

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