Order Helium Balloons

Helium balls with a low-cost house delivery, a balloon order
Воздушные Шары с гелием

We're doing everything we can at our company so you can buy balls with a little helium in Moscow. You can order both round balls of latex and all possible foil balls in the form of different multiplier characters that all children love.

How much is the helium balls on the house?

The price of the helium ball starts from 50 roubles per thing. You can buy it. balloons with a helium on his birthday, or, for example, a gift. Believe us, there's no other way to make more fun of the surprise than the morning call on the door and the surprise of the holiday! Of course, we don't take the options where the birthday boy gets the keys to the new BMW: Depending on where the event is going, you can order a helium balloon to a house or a country club, a café or a city park gate.

How to order a little helium balloon with a house delivery

Low, fast and qualitative, that's what's waiting for you. We fill our balls with only the cleanest helium, without spilling the air to increase the time of all balloons. You can also order a very interesting service, such as the delivery and delivery of superhero balls, among which are Pawk and Batman and Darth Vader, and Hubka Bob and Lev Alex from the Madagascar. A helium balloon can also be ordered with the delivery of Minion Dave or even a charming cat in the Sapogs. Our characters are coming to you, handing balls, congratulating the birthday boy, taking pictures with him, leaving unbearable impressions of the holiday, both for children and for adults.

Where's the best place to buy helium balloons in Moscow?

Of course we have, in Heppibalun. We offer democrat prices, speedy and low-cost delivery of helium balloons in Moscow from 300 roubles within TTC and 500 roubles within the ICAD, and a wide range. We do everything that depends on us to keep the service at the right level to keep you happy and come back to us again and again when you need a party!

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