Low-Cost Air Balloons In Pheterburg

С Днем Рождения

Graduate Cat studio provides services air balloons on St Petersburg

500 shirts. - cost of delivery of balloons across town.

In the nearby suburbs and remote areas from the centre, for example, Kurort or Petrodvorce, the cost will be higher from 600 roubles.

Small orders, up to 50 helium balls, as well as gifts, we're bringing in a bunch. Gearlands and lots of balls, we're gonna blow in.

In order to blow the balls with air (Girls on a store or a stage, balloons on a stick), we need an ordinary 220V and a room. The thing is, the air balloon suffocation device is electrical (max. 500W) and is not available for work on the street.

Pay the order. If you get or leave the prepayment in advance (working days, from 10:00 to 18:00, at our workshop). Yandex's money, ask our account number, there's an address to pay the delivery.

Recognize the answers to all the questions you're interested in, and make an order for the cheapest. delivery of balloons On the PCB, you can contact the Star Cat studio specialists on the phone in St. Petersburg by posting or posting on the website. We'll have to answer you!

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