House Balloons

"a fun event" in the king
Вариант оформления для выписки

We made an extraordinary new gift for your company!
Every organization that worked well in 2016, we give 15 per cent of the discount and free delivery of decorations to the corporation!

What should we do?

- winter balloons
- new year decorative elements, vinyl stickers, room stretches and catches
- cotton
- Bengali lights and fountains
Carnaval suits and accessories
- guest supernaturals and lots, lots of things.

Let's meet you, New Year is a great occasion!
P.s., by the way, there are special proposals for legal persons in our store, and details of the shop vendors.

* Reimbursable delivery to the Queen is ordered by more than 1,500 cuts.

24-hour delivery or self-export of air balloons, as well as goods for the holiday of the Queen
Tel:+7 964 648 92 12

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