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A car hit by a scorpion, a holphant and the worst debut. 10 chickens on the soccer field
команды забили 91 гол

Festus Bayce (Citizen, Hong Kong)

When a player manages to strike some unusual blow, you can often hear something like, "Let him hit again ten times, he won't be able to do it again." And in the case of the Nigerian defender, Sitesena, there seems to be little thousands of attempts. At the match of the Hong Kong Sang Hai Championship in December 2011, Festus managed to hit his own gate with the scorpion, which is, for example, Zlatan Ibrahimovich. Of course, it was an accident, but the press immediately encroached the smoking car the best in history. In the first month alone, the video of this unique episode on YouTube was seen more than 4 million times.

This case took place in the recent match of the young League of Champions between Realom and Legia (2:1). The 18-year-old son of Zinedin Zidan's mentor took the ball so badly after the unforeseeable poor, that he washed over it, and then scrambled, with a splinter of the lawn. I think that such a candid laps will certainly put the debut of a young holkiper at the core of the canteen club.

The former Jawbek of the Kiev " Dinamo " , without the help of the defence counsel, was marked by a chicken bar at the Australian Pat Glory championship just the other day. A 31-year-old Serb pressed a lawyer around someone else ' s fine and caused the wrong to do the second time, and some graduated holkiper facilitated his task once. By the way, on that day, Ninkovic celebrated a duplicative and naked transfer, becoming the best player of the meeting.

In October 2009, Forward black cats scored a victory goal at the Liverpool gate (1:0) by... balloonson the line of the enemy. The ball, after a 14-metre hit, fell right into it and changed the trajectory than Pepe Reina was completely disoriented. The picnic of history added the fact that the balloon had come to the field from the rostrum of Rafael Benites' fans. The Spanish man, by the way, did not make any noise in this regard, saying diplomatically that the rules for taking the gate were not contradictory.

One of the most famous phantoms in history was beaten in a German bundleb between Hoffenheim and Bayer (1:2) in October 2013. On the 70th minute, the attacking guests of Stefan Kissling observed a precise head blow, but the repeat showed that the ball was hit by a crow through a hole in the net. Felix Breath did not consider and count the goal, causing a wave of frustration after the match, on both sides. Despite the demands of the owners for overplay, the German football union left the outcome of the meeting in force, referring to the letter of law.

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