Green Balloons

Зеленые воздушные шарики
Ассорти воздушных шариков
Dimensions of the product, mm: 280 Packaging weight, kg: 0.02 The price is specified for the phase: 5 balloons

Description: Air balloons of good natural latex, producer - BelBal (Belgium). Sharks of different colors with sketches on the New Year.

Price: 0 rub. 125 shirt.

You're saving: rub. (%)


Description: Air balloons from a qualitative natural latex, producer - BelBal (Belgium). The sharks of a variety of colors with the drawings on the birthday.

Ассорти воздушных шариков

Price: 0 rub. 350 shirt.

0.014 Насос ручной для воздушных шариковManual pump

Description: A small and very comfortable pump to inhale balloons. The tip is specially designed to wear a balloon. It's 10 to 15 strong pistol moves so that a standard size 12 ball is fully filled with air.

Price: 0 rub. 25 shirt.

0.004 Air balloon

Description: Italian balloon (Gemar Balloons) of qualitative natural latex. Charic matt (passenger), color - bright yellow.

Price: 0 rub.

Description: Italian balloon (Gemar Balloons) of qualitative natural latex. Sharik's a mattt, color is a bright orange yellow. details

Price: 0 rub.

Description: Italian balloon (Gemar Balloons) of qualitative natural latex. Sharik matte, colour - orange.

Price: 0 rub.

Воздушный шарик 12 Воздушный шарик 12 Воздушный шарик 12 Воздушный шарик 12

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