Eat The Air Balloons

Give me the idea, and we'll do it ourselves..

Official website of the Ombudsman for the Rights of the Child in St. Petersburg

Everyone knows that any good idea can be averted to the very least by madness. Lessonate poles are known as " absurd " or " absurdum " or " apagogic " , when the interviewer ' s allegations are increased to such a degree as to reveal his shortcomings. And it's good to have this thing not go beyond the conversation, as the movie thief Copca said, "what can't be said in a joke conversation." And if a common idea comes to absurd in life, it gets scary.

The entry into force of the law " Protecting children from information that harms health and development " has not so far had a significant impact on our daily lives. Unless there's an age nuance on TV. However, there are already fantasies on the Internet and in the media about what we're going to lose and what they're gonna ban in the new law. There has also been a crocodile of Gené, who has unsuccessfully smoked in the personnel, giving children a bad example and pirates from the Treasure Building who do not cut strong alcoholic beverages.

Let's say the wolf from "Wait" isn't so pathetic, it's still a "shouldn't be anywhere." But to lose the kind and brightest "Postvasino" on the grounds that, in general, a good dad smokes a pipe would be offensive. There's a real feeling that good should be shown in the example of bad things. War of good with evil is the immortal subject of any artistic work. Again, the poem of " What is so good and what is so bad " is an excellent illustration of the strength of this reception.

By the way, poetry could be seriously hurt, too. For example, pre-finished lawyers investigated all known child works for offences. Now it's spreading in social media:

Fucking cycling bears.

And they're followed by a cat in the back. (art. 2.13.

And after him. Air balloons (art. 211 Aircraft hijacking; art. 271 Violation of international flight rules)

And there's cancer on the chrome dog (art. 245 Ill-treatment of animals)

They're walking and laughing, the buckles are eating. (C.212 Mass disturbances; Art. 264 Road traffic and vehicle regulations)

The wolves scare each other (art. 110 Suicide)

Poor crocodile jabu swallowed (art. 107 - Attack murder)

And he said hippots to crocodiles and whales: Who the villain is not afraid and the beast will fight, I'll give it to the two frogs, and I'll give it to the food chip. (art. 291 Bribery; art. 280 Public appeals for extremist activities.)

We're not afraid of him, the giant of yours, we're teeth, we're balds, we're his ass! And the fun of the corn of the beasts bled into battle. (art. 279 Armed rebellion; art.282.1 Organization of the Extremist Community)

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