Diamond Balloons

Light balls, balls with lights to order in the casani
Светящиеся шарики

The launching of the lighting balls is a bright sight that defeats imagination.

The glowing glow balls in the night sky on the sky are producing amazing effects and a storm of emotion. Up, the lighting balls form the dark sky of heaven.

The irrigation and the greatest effect in launching light balloons is provided by the number of light balloons that drip into the night sky. Launch of lighting balloons - It's a beautiful, unforgettable sight.

Casani lighting balls

The lighting balls of the lights are a great combination of a long-awaited and family-born party with advanced technologies, balloons and diamond lights.

Description of the lighting balls:

  • Charm candle time, 3-7 hours
  • Ball diameter - 30 cm
  • It's perfect to launch in dark, night, evening events, weddings or romantic meetings.

Let's get some examples on the video:

Light balls without flash

To the wedding.

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