Balls Of Children

How do we know the world
загадки, поделки для детей

Опыты от Галины Фёдоровны 6bAuthor: Turkina Galina Fedorovna, HOO " Teaching technology " . School of Remote Support for the Education of Children with Disabilities in Health, Moscow, Master of Physics, Head of Child Science and Identification Club, Little I-Schools

" Science should be fun,
and simple”
P. L. Capica

Опыты от Галины Фёдоровны 2aThe following is a fragment of " Airballs "

Air balloons - invaluable manual material for physical observation and physical experimentation. The experience with them is bright, visible, simple, easily repetitive, with little material cost.

Air ball test

Try a needle to smash the air balloon so he doesn't burst with noise.
Evidence: You can do it three ways!
(1) From the sides where the rubber is severely plunged, glue a piece of scotch and puncture a ball in this place, such a stunt is cutting clowns in the circus;
(2) Where the rubber is the fatest, i.e. " on the mask; "
(3) Where the rubber is not stretched, where the thread is.

Note: The hole from the needle is so small that the balloon is invisible. After good experiments, you'll smash the ball with a pop or a sharp wooden stick.

Sharik-yoga experience

We're so accustomed to the fact that the balloon, when it hits the spicy, it explodes with noise that the ball on the nails under the weight of the load is perceived by us as a supernatural phenomenon. But it's a fact... You're going to need a stove (Kuznetsova, Liapko) or a board with evenly filled nails (through every centimetre).

  1. We're gonna blow the air ball and put it on the edge of the Kuznetsov replicator.
  2. Watch the ball. We're gonna push it. Do you have the strength to burst?

Опыты от Галины Фёдоровны 3cObservation: The most amazing thing is that a ball lying on the oysters is spit under pressure, but it doesn't explode!

Explanation: Because of the large number of sharp ends with which the ball is touched, the pressure on the shell is small, allowed for the thin rubber. The air ball on the nails holds 60 N (60 kg load)!

Опыты от Галины Фёдоровны Опыты от Галины Фёдоровны Опыты от Галины Фёдоровны Опыты от Галины Фёдоровны

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